Tick tack

Tick tack. Tick tack. Tick tack. Tessa looked at the clock. Tick tack.Tick tack. She was still in her bed.
“Do I really have to get up?”
Her alarm rang. “Guess, I have to get up now.”
She slowly made her way to the bathroom for the daily routine. “Just another day”, she thought.
She went to work, arriving late.
“Good morning, Tessa. You have a meeting in 30 minutes with Melisa, a meeting at noon with the marketing team, and a dinner with Mr Jackson.”
“The business partner.”
“Oh! Him. Ok. Thanks, Christina.”
Tick tack. Tick tack. “Why can we not simply relax? What is it with wasting time in an office in stead of enjoying life? And what is it with the business meetings? Can’t we have those online while you are relaxing at home or at your next travel destination while enjoying scuba diving or doing something equally fun”
Tick tack. Tick tack. Tick tack. “Time to go”. Tick tack. Tick tack. “Always in a hurry.” Tick tack. Tick tack.


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