About Life of a Traveller

Today apart, tomorrow together

We may be oceans apart,
we may be time zones apart,
I will always remember you,
I will never forget all the times we were together

We may never find our way back to each other
but I will treasure the memories we share

We may not talk anymore,
We may lose each other over the years,
But at least the photos will remind us of who we are
and what brought us together

We may exit our lives forever,
our paths may never cross again
but I promise I will always remember you

We may travel,
We may leave
but I doubt we will meet again

It is time to move on and stop dwelling on the past
Time to meet other people
and make most of the opportunities thrown our way

Some day, some other time,
we will meet at an airport flying to our next destination,
not knowing whether it is home at all
but nevertheless travelling somewhere

Maybe then we will remember everything
maybe then we will start again
maybe that will be tomorrow
or maybe years apart from today

There is still hope as both of us are still alive
and in life, there are too many possibilities.
Everything is possible
and nothing is definite.

Today apart, tomorrow together…


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